The Future of Personal and Social-Based Website Design

The Internet, and especially website usage, has evolved in some pretty fascinating ways. What began as a glorified billboard is anything but. The main goal of a website is to attract people and convert them into paying customers. It may not even be financial support. It could be a non-profit organization or a message that is designed to spread the word about a concept. Regardless, the idea is conversion. How can designers get people to care enough to do something, whether it is buying or some other form of action?

Websites are now the entrance to a store and web design is the tool. The store won’t just o to an advertisement. It will open to a place where customers can buy, join social groups, communicate with team members, and have an enjoyable time.

It Needs to Be Personable

The one advantage offered by a store front is social-based. It is something that can never be easily replicated on an Amazon store front- and the company is trying. When a person walks into a real place, they see a real person. They talk to a human. They interact.

These things may not be important for many people now- and they may never be. But, at some point in the future, the pendulum is going to swing back towards social importance and local communication. It is already being seen today. Thea re is substantial backlash against smartphone culture. People are saying “drop the phone” and “talk to real people.” Companies are widely investing in non-robotic call centers and other forms of social interaction because these are things that customers value.

Plugged In

Everyone seems plugged into a device as they dig through the search engine and uncover whatever they want. These things are new, flashy, and fresh? What happens when they are no longer these things? What happens when the counter-culture movement promotes real social connection?

What does all this mean? It means that websites need to be adaptable to a potential changing tide. It means that websites are facing the seemingly insurmountable problem that no matter how good the product or service, they aren’t real. They aren’t tangible.

They lack a social heart. It will be fascinating to see how companies with a distinct web-base will evolve in the future. As bricks-and-mortar firms devolve and slow down in many industries, people will realize that they lost a convenience they wanted. It will only go so low. Eventually, companies will want to dive back into the social heart of their customer base. This will be massively significant for web design moving forward.